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password id

Password ID

Default Password is 1234
Password ID is the ideal solution for storing all your precious passwords in one easy place with just one master password to remember. All stored passwords entries are 128 bit encrypted. The software has 2 separate "sheets" for storing all types of password related items and telephone/email information. Functions include: insert, edit , delete, sort, change master password, random password creation, password to clipboard & auto save. Plus import & export data to and from spreadsheets in CSV format, backup/restore database feature as well as a special lock screen facility for unwanted prying eyes.

password id


The free way to play Bingo on a PC or MAC
Its Bingo - what more is there to say!
With automatic Yorkshire Bingo Caller (which can be turned On or OFF)
The last 3 numbers called is displayed in a panel below the main number.
Main number flashes when first 5 numbers have gone to remind the bingo caller to read the first 5 numbers again.
Press 'Next Number' for next new random number.
Displays all bingo number nicknames during game.
Display all balls that have gone in a 10 X 9 grid
But heres the best part…..ITS FREE!

password id

Pop Genius

The free way to enjoy the ultimate pop challenge on a PC or MAC
All you need to do in click on the correct answer to climb the levels on the way to becoming a Pop Genius, but be careful, you only have 20 seconds to answer each question. The jury consists of 9 extra-ordinary characters: Squatter Jason Smudge, Trainee Monk Simon Parsons, Headmaster Bernard Whiplash, Farmer Brian Ramsbottom, Hairdresser Leslie Gordons, Bus Spotter Richard Head, Holiday Reporter Peter Sands, Able Seaman Fred Shaw and Police Officer PC Victor Trappington.

password id

Alto Sax Player

The free way to learn Alto Saxophone on a PC or MAC
Press the keys on the keyboard to hear the note and see how that particular note is played on the saxophone with fingering diagrams.
But heres the best part…..ITS FREE!

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